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Why a privacy policy?

We at Drivler (organization nr: 559322-2408) care about our customers and their privacy online, therefore we have established a policy, for the safety of our customers. Please see our entire integrity policy below and how you as a customer is affected.

The following types of personal information can be collected, persisted and used:
  1. information about your computer, including IP-address, geographic position, web browser type and -version together with operative system type;
  2. information about your visit on and use of this website, including origin of reference, length of visit, page views and way of navigating through the website;
  3. information that you submit when you register to our waitlist, for example your e-mail address and telephone number;
  4. information that you submit when you create a profile on our website, for example your name and social security number;
  5. information that you submit when subscribing to our e-mail messages and/or news letters, for example your name and e-mail address;
  6. information that you submit when you use our services;
  7. information that is generated when you use our website, including when, how often and during which circumstances you use it;
  8. information regarding the financial services you use or transactions you make through our website, including your name, telephone number, your address, e-mail address and your bank account number;
  9. information in every shape of communication you send to us through e-mail, including content and metadata;
Personal data that is sent to us through our website will be used for the purposes listed in this policy or on the relevant pages on the website. We can use your personal data for the following purposes:
  1. to administrate our webside and business;
  2. to tailor our website for you;
  3. to make it possible for you to use the services that are available on our website;
  4. to deliver services that are purchased on our website;
  5. to verify that you have a driving license permit;
  6. to send commercial communication which purpose is not marketing;
  7. to send e-mails that you specifically requested;
  8. to send our newsletter via e-mail to you if you have requested it (you can at any time inform us if you no longer want to recieve this newsletter);
  9. to send marketing information to you, regarding our business or thoroughly selected third parties business that we think could be of your interest per mail or, where you specifically agreed to, via e-mail or similar technology (you can at any time inform us if you no longer want to recieve this marketing information);
  10. to give third parties statistic information about our users (these third parties will not be able to identify a specific user from this information);
  11. to handle requests and complaints from or about you regarding our website;
  12. to keep our website secure and to prevent fraudulent activities; as well as:
  13. to verify your consent to our terms of use (including monitoring of private messages that are sent on our platforms private message service).
We will not hand over your personal data to a third party because of their or some other third partys direct marketing without your explicit consent.
We can give access to your personal data to some of our employees, insurance companies, driving schools, driving teachers, Transportstyrelsen, suppliers or sub-suppliers. Which ever is reasonable for the purposes listed in this policy. We can hand over your personal data:
  1. if we are forced to do so according to the governing laws;
  2. in connection to current or future judicial proceedings;
  3. in order to maintain, practise or defend our legal rights (including handing over information to others in the purpose of preventing fraudulent activities);
We will not hand over your personal information to third parties except in those cases listed in this policy.
Here we describe our policies and procedures regarding data persisting, they are shaped for makeing sure that we comply with our legal obligations regarding persisting and erasing of personal information.
  1. Personal information that we process for any purpose or purposes will not be persisted longer that what is required for that purpose or purposes.
  2. We will keep documents (including electronic documents) containing personal information regardless of other provisions in this section in the following cases:
    1. if we are legaly obliged to do so;
    2. if we think the information is relevant for current or future judicial proceedings; and
    3. to maintain, practise or defent our legal rights (including handing over information to others in the purpose of preventing fraudulent activities).
Below is listed the precautions we take in making sure your personal information stays safe with us:
  1. We will apply reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent loss, abuse or alterations to your personal information.
  2. We will store all personal information you provide in secure (password and firewall protected) databases.
  3. All electronic transactions that are made in our platform is encrypted.
  4. You acknowledge that information sharing via internet in itself is insecure, and we cannot guarantee the safety for data sent over the internet.
  5. You are responsible in keeping the password you use on our site safe; we will never ask you for your password (except when you log in to our website or app).
You can ask us for all personal information we have about you; provision of such information will require a suitable evidence of your identity.We can withhold the personal information that you require according to governing laws.You can at any time ask us to not process your personal information for marketing purposes.In practise you will usually, either explicitly accept our use of your personal information for marketing purposes, or we will grant you the possibility to reject the use of your personal information for marketing purposes.
We can update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version of this document. You should controll this page occasionally to make sure that you understand eventual changes to this policy. We can notify you about changes to this policy via e-mail.This page was last updated at: 2022-07-05
If you believe that we have treated your personal information in some erronious way or if we have erronious information about you, please contact us at: contact@drivler.se